Questions & Answers about the Vimax Extender

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Aside from the pages of information on the Vimax Extender site, this page has some answers to questions you may have about the Vimax Extender and about penile extenders in general.

A lot of guys try quick fix penis enlargement methods only coming up short with temporary results at best. Many try Viagra for its short term erection boosting ability but are tired of the hype surrounding penis enlargement pills and pumps that only end up giving temporary results.

You might want something that will give you piece of mind that you have found a permanent form of penis enlargement that will keep you happy with its long lasting results. Vimax Extender can certainly be that option for success.

1. What is the Vimax Extender?

The Vimax Extender is a clinically tested and proven effective treatment for permanent penis enlargement. The Vimax penile extender is a medical product that can help you increase your penis size in length and penis girth as well. The device uses a traction force that you control to straighten and lengthen your penis to the size and shape you want it.

  1. How often should I wear the device?

    When you order the Vimax Extender, you will get a manual that explains how each individual person should use the Vimax penis enlargement device. Clinical testing has shown that most men can achieve steady enlargement gains by using the Vimax Extender for twelve hours daily, seven days a week for eight to twenty-four weeks.

Most men however are recommended to wear the device for at least a few hours per day and no more than ten hours per day.

Now, most of the men I know like to do things fast and want results to come overnight, but they do not. For the best results, it is recommended to use the Vimax Extender for three to six months. In general, the more often you wear the device, the more noticeable your results will be. Remember to read the manual to help you achieve the best possible results for you.

If you are mainly trying to correct penile curvature, you will need to use the Vimax Extender for a longer period of time. Use it regularly for up to six months for up to ten hours per day

If you are trying to rectify or treat penile curvature, you will need to use the extender for a longer period of time. You will need to use it regularly for up to six months for eight to ten hours per day.

  1. Do I need to do anything else besides using the extender?

    When you are just starting out using the Vimax Extender, you need to follow the manual and do exactly as it tells you. To see permanent results, you do not have to do any exercises while using the penile extender. You can wear it knowing that you don’t have to work up a sweat to enlarge and enhance this very important part of your body.

  2. What is the Vimax Extender made of?

The Vimax Extender is made up of 3 parts: First is a specially designed plastic ring that goes around the base of your penis, the silicone tray at the end to secure your penis in place, and metal bars that run along the shaft.

  1. Is the Vimax Extender safe to use and how does it work?

As long as you read and follow the manual and take care while using the Vimax Extender you should be ok using it. Just remember that for the best results, you do need to stick to what the manual tells you to do. My own experience and everything I have read tells me that the Vimax Extender is easy to use and wear. It is plainless to use and can not be noticed under loose fitting pants.

The Vimax Extender works by increasing your penis size in both length and girth. The extender uses traction to start the body’s natural reaction to a stretching force. By applying the traction device regularly, your body will react to it by stretching the tissues of your penis longer and thicker.

If a part of the body is in a constant stretching state, the cells in that region will expand and divide which means the tissue will expand and enlargement starts to happen.

Even today many surgeons use traction devices to expand and regrow tissue lost in surgery. Such tissue expanders have been used to lengthen arms, fingers and legs in orthopedic surgery.

Even today many surgeons use tissue expanders in reconstructive plastic surgery and tissue extending devices have been used to lengthen arms, fingers and legs in orthopedic surgery.

  1. How much length can I gain using the Vimax Extender?

While all men will wear the device at different lengths of time, results will vary. However if you follow the manual properly then you can expect the Vimax Extender to help you add up to 3 to 4 inches to your current penis length.

You will also find that the device will increase your penis girth by up to 20%. Please use the Vimax calculator on my site here.

  1. What are the benefits?

For years many men have lived through and dealt with the issue of “does size matter?”. By following the Vimax Extender manual and using the extender for the right amount of time, these men can enlarge their penis to the length and thickness they want.

The benefits of having a bigger and more impressive penis size can include peace of mind, less stress, more enjoyment with lovers and a feeling of satisfaction. You can feel satisfied that you were able to reach the size you want without surgery, exercise or medications.

To many men who have used the Vimax Extender to enlarge their penis, the benefits are worth it.

  1. When shouldn’t I use the Vimax Extender?

Every man is unique and unfortunately, the Vimax Extender will not work for all men. It will for men who have issues about their penis size, and also it helps a great deal toward correcting penile curvature, but for some reasons, not all men can use the extender.

Now, some of these times when you shouldn’t wear the Vimax Extender may seem obvious or even strange to you, but these rules are just to protect you and avoid any accidents if the traction device were to be used when it shouldn’t be.

  • First of all, you shouln’t use the penis extender while using the toilet, during any rigorous sporting activities, sexual intercourse or any other strenuous activity.
  • You shouldn’t wear the Vimax Extender if you have been consuming any alcohol or have taken some painkillers recently.
  • If you are diong any activities where you may fall unexpectedly, don’t wear the penis traction device. Be careful when climbing stairs or walking on slippery surfaces.
  • You should not wear the Vimax Extender device whilst working with machinery, working on cars, riding or working on a bicycle, while cooking or manipulating hot objects.
  •  You should not purchase and wear the Vimax Extender if you have a disease that impairs regular blood circulation, oxygenation or regeneration of tissues such as advanced diabetes, cirrhosis, or respiratory problems.
  •  If you have any pains or have had any recent trauma, or skin lacerations to your penis, or have an infected area on it, don’t wear the device for now. You should wait until the problem heals or goes away before wearing the Vimax Extender for penis enlargement again.
  • If you are using the Vimax Extender and you have pains or skin discoloration in your penis head (glans), then stop using the device, apply some more padding, ensure you are following the device, and when the problem has calmed down or gone away, continue using the device if you wish.
  1. What happens if the Vimax Extender doesn’t work out for me?

If you have tried Vimax Extender for at least six months and you have followed the manual (which is very important for your success), and it still hasn’t added any length at all then the company has guaranteed you a full refund.

In the end, for Vimax Extender to work for you, you need to give it a try. Follow the manual

To finish off, let me add one more thing. For Vimax Extender to work for you, you need to try it. Only try it if you are able especially making sure you read the information on when you shouldn’t use Vimax Extender first before doing so.

Take care when using Vimax Extender and remember read the manual, follow it completely and if in doubt or have a problem contact the company and speak to them about your problems. Live support is available for you 24 hours a day seven days a week.