Effective techniques to enlarge penis size

Most of the penis enlargement methods are inadequate and not very effective and a wrong method could lead you to permanent damage. Here are some effective and safe techniques to increase your penis size.

  1. Pills and lotions: Pills are very effective because it contains vitamins, minerals which helps you to increase your penis size but select best brands to avoid harmful effects. You can read more about some of the most effective penis pills called Male Extra right here.
  2. Vacuum pumps: After pills and lotions, vacuum pumps are very popular among user because pumps draw blood into your penis and sometimes it is used to cure erectile dysfunctions but using it too often or too long can damage your tissues of penis. So it should be used under proper guidance of doctor.
  3. Exercise: This is the best tool to enlarge your penis size because it is most natural way and it does not have any harmful effects. Sometimes it is called jelqing and this kind of exercises needs a hand over hand motion to bring blood from the base to top of your penis.